How Can You Win $5,000 Tax Free In The Lottery?

Well, I am not a mathematician, but it seems to me that the odds of winning these lottery games where you have to pick six numbers between 1 and 49, or from a pool of more numbers than that, makes it such that the odds of winning are hundreds of millions to one!

I read something from this very cool chick; Cassandra The Numbers Lady, and it made a lot of sense to me! She suggests that you play a daily lottery game where you choose a 3 digit number, which can be anywhere from 000 to 999, thus the odds of having your number come in are only 1,000 to 1, and most states pay 500 to 1. So, if you buy 10 tickets, at $1 each, and play the three digit number straight, and it “hits,” you will win $5,000. Also, most states will pay a lottery winner of $599 or less, in cash, and without making the winner supply their information. So, ten tickets, each worth 500 bucks, would be a tax-free total of $5,000 and the odds of winning are simply one in a thousand!

This Cassandra The Numbers Lady apparently self-publishes her own books about winning the lottery, and it seems she only sells them at which appears to be a pretty cool website for anyone with an interest in lotteries and playing other games of chance!

Good Luck!


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