If People Will Continue To Use Less Gas (For A While) Prices Will Drop Even Further!

That’s right! Because “they” screwed us over, for the past several years, with enormously HIGH gas prices, millions of Americans have been forced to “cut back” on their driving habits. Now that the “supply & demand” ratio, is out of whack, the prices for a barrel of crude oil have fallen to lows we have not seen in nearly a decade! If people would just give it a few more months, of not overindulging in road trips, and not driving all over town, then the prices would slip down even more, and that would be awesome!

There are some major cities in America, where many people walk, ride bikes, take buses, subways, and carpool, and this cuts down on gasoline consumption, and after a few years of this behavior, the proof is in the proverbial pudding, in that, the crude oil prices have dropped significantly. Experts have already stated that gas prices are likely to slip down further, during the rest of 2015, but why shouldn’t we continue to “go easy” with the gas, for a few more months, and really show them “who’s boss” when it comes to our economy?

These greedy-pig politicians, and big mega-conglomerates, and the oil tycoons, have been screwing us over for long enough! Instead of going to the mall, you can get better deals on Amazon.com anyway, and have the items delivered to your door! I often wonder who would pay full retail these days, anyway! It makes no sense, in this day and age, to pay full retail price for anything!

Come on, people, let’s stick together and make some changes that will significantly impact our world, and our country, in a more favorable manner!


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