When You Have Trouble Sleeping Late At Night: Tune In To Coast To Coast AM And Hear Some Amazing Stuff!

That’s right… the late night radio talk show, Coast To Coast AM, hosted by George Noory, is one of the most fascinating radio talk shows you’ll ever hear. They talk about a wide range of subjects from conspiracy theories to aliens visiting earth, and from urban legends to government cover-ups. You might hear Linda Moulton Howe talk about some very cool things that she has uncovered in her many years as an investigative journalist, such as the mystery of crop circles, or you might catch Giorgio Tsoukalos speaking about the ancient alien theory. There are many fascinating topics covered on this superb radio show, and after listening a few times, you just might get hooked!

One thing is for sure, it’s a much better way to spend a night of insomnia than watching a marathon of reruns about the Kardashians! Does anybody really still care about those people?

Try Coast To Coast AM a few times, you just might love what you discover!


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