Please… Start Saying “Please” & “Thank You!” …Thank You!

A very good friend of mine works at that amazingly “happiest place in the world,” located in the middle of the State of Florida, and one complaint that she has, is that “most people” DO NOT say Please & Thank You!

When she was telling this story, to myself and another colleague, the other gal said, “Maybe a lot of the people are visiting from foreign countries, and don’t speak much English, because after all, it’s the single-most-popular resort destination in the world.” Our friend replied, “No, most people from foreign countries, even if they only know 8 words of English, at least know “Please” and “Thank You.” It seems that Americans in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are, for some reason, forgetting the manners that they were taught as children!”

I thought to myself, how despicable! I always say please and thank you! When we discussed it further, she continued, “They will come up to you and blurt out “Where’s the restroom?” or “Got a map?” or “How do you get out of this place?” but they will not usually say “Excuse me Miss, can you please tell me where the restroom is?” or “Pardon me Miss, but can I please get a map?” They just obnoxiously, and without manners blurt out what they want or need! It’s very upsetting!”

I added that I feel most people “think” that they’re nice, kind, decent, polite people, however, they are mistaken, because I see and hear the same BAD manners all the time, at the grocery store, the bank, the post office, and so forth!

For those of you who are not aware, here are some guidelines, and if I sound condescending, well, some people deserve it because their communication ability sucks, and they have no manners to boot!


“I need a book of stamps!”

“I want a money order!”

“Where’s the milk aisle?”

“Give me change for a dollar!”

“How late are you open?”


“I need a book of stamps, please?”

“Can I please buy a money order?”

“Can you please direct me to the milk aisle?”

“May I please get change for a dollar?”

“Can you please tell me how late the store stays open?” 

People think that because they went to school, have a spouse, own a home, drive a car, have a job, and abide by the law, they’re automatically wonderful people. I feel that if they have NO manners, and they treat other people in a rude or unpleasant fashion, then they just plain SUCK! There are even “church people” who do not say please and thank you, and SHAME on them especially!

How about YOU? Do you say “please” and “thank you” or have you been forgetting the manners that someone taught you when you were young? If you have been slipping, please try to remember to start saying “the magic word” again, and remember to thank people whether they hand you a drinking straw, hold open a door, hand you your receipt, give you the change from your purchase, or anything else that someone says or does for you!

The world is getting out of control, and people feel overworked, underpaid, stressed, impatient, agitated, angry, depressed, and the list goes on… but everyone should try to be a little more polite, and everyone should make an effort to say “please” when it’s appropriate, otherwise we’re really headed for disaster!


Thank You!  

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