My Friend Had A Dream And Won $2,000 In The Florida Lottery Cash 3 Game!

This is extremely awesome! My friend Stephanie, who is not even any sort of dancer, had a dream that she was dancing in a cabaret show, and suddenly she realized she was completely naked. Then she nervously looked around and all of the other girls were in costumes, and the audience was older couples. The men were wearing tuxedos and the ladies were in ball gowns. She was so freaked out that she woke up.

She looked at her clock, and it was 10:15 this morning (January 21, 2015) and she had recently purchased a book that helps you convert your dreams into lottery numbers! Dream Your Way To Lottery Winnings! She looked up the word Cabaret and the number next to it was 6 – 8 – 3.

So, she rolled out of her bed in her nightshirt, slipped on her sandals, grabbed her keys and wallet, and wandered downstairs, outside, and next door to a coffee shop/convenience store where they are never shocked to see Stephanie in her nightshirt, since she’s somewhat of an exhibitionist. Besides, it looks like it could just as well be a bathing suit cover-up shirt, but if anyone looks close enough, they will be happy to see no bathing suit, no undies, no nothing!

Anyway, she buys a Florida Lottery Cash 3 ticket for 6-8-3 straight for a dollar, and the clerk asks “which drawing?” She did not know they have a drawing at noon and another at night. Of course, she opted for the noon drawing, and then she asks for four tickets, each for a buck! He also asked if she wanted to “box” it, and she figured… she dreamed of being in a cabaret, so she stuck with the straight tickets. In Florida, where she lives, apparently you can collect $599 or less in cash, and without showing any sort of IDs or giving any information.

Don’t you know it? That number  6 – 8 – 3  was drawn today, so she WON! She collected $500 in cash for each ticket, and there were four different tickets, for a grand total of $2,000. This is the coolest story I’ve heard in… well, in several days!

Dream Your Way

Lucky girl! It also reminded me of the movie Sleepless In Seattle when the Meg Ryan character and the Rosie O’Donnell character are talking, and one says something about having a dream about being naked in public, and the other responds “I love that dream!” Maybe some other time, I will tell some tales of The Adventures Of Stephanie The Exhibitionist!


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