My Friend Won Another $1,000 In The Cash 3 Daily Lottery Drawing! Amazing!


I am not much for gambling, although I know that millions of people love it. I have a friend who got this book about converting your dreams into winning lottery numbers, and although I don’t feel compelled to post the book cover again, you can scroll down a few posts, and you will see more about “the book.”

It seems likes it’s self-published by the author, and she only seems to sell it on one website, and those details are also on that other posting. It sounds like a very cool thing, that someone can have a dream, then look it up in a book, then find some suggested numbers to play in the lottery. It is also cool that the odds of winning a daily game with a three digit number is only 1,000 to 1 odds, and that you can collect $500 on individual tickets… tax-free!

If anyone else has any good lottery stories, please feel free to share them!


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