My Friend Stephanie Keeps Winning Lottery Money In The Daily Game! Amazing!

In case you saw the other posts about Stephanie, my friend, winning some money on the daily lottery games, I have another lottery update! If you did not read the other posts about her winnings, you can scroll down and find them. She had dreams that were converted to winning numbers in some book.

It seems that she recently bought a Good Luck Crystal that really works, from the same place she got that lottery dream book: Dream Your Way To Lottery Winnings and between the two, she keeps on winning! This time, she took another 3 digit number, straight for a dollar, on five separate tickets, and when the number came in, she won another $2,500… and the best part is that it’s tax-free! Apparently you can collect up to $599 in winnings without providing a social security number or showing identification.

I sometimes wonder if lotteries are more popular today than ever before, since the economy has been so lousy for so many years, and so many people are struggling! It sure seems as though more and more states have lotteries, and there are more and more of those big games where you can win hundreds of millions of dollars, although the odds of winning on those games are astronomical.

I am not one for gambling, but it is fun to watch others win. Stephanie is not really a gambler either, and rather than lose back her recent winnings, she has been putting that money to good use!

On the subject of good luck charms, crystals and such, I am a huge believer that they really can, and do, work! However, it seems that nothing is 100% of the time, for example, some prayers get answered, and others don’t. Some hopes, wishes and dreams come true, but others do not. It’s probably worth trying a good luck amulet or talisman, if you want to find a job, or a lover, or win some money. I knew a gal who started selling from catalogs to make extra money, and a good luck crystal helped her have success with her little home based business! 


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