Parentalia … February 13th … A Chance To Honor Your Departed Family Members & Ancestors!

In ancient Rome, the Parentalia or dies parentales (ancestral days) was a nine-day festival held in honor of family ancestors, beginning on February 13th. Informal family dinners to honor the ancestral deceased were held. Tomorrow you can partake by planning a dinner, even by yourself, or with others, and in the center of the table place a extra plate. Put some small white candles, bread, salt, and flowers on the plate. Before the meal, light the candles, and invite your helpful ancestors to join you, with these words;

Our helpful ancestors we do embrace,
In hopes that this gathering shall you grace,
We honor you with blossoms, salt and bread,
Bless this table and humble homestead,
For all that you passed on to us we are grateful,
May our kindest ancestral ties remain faithful.”

Leave the plate on the table until the candles burn out. Then take the food outside and reverently set it down on the ground as an offering. Some animals will eat the bread, and the salt, when it rains or snows, will seep back into Mother Earth.


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