How To Win Tax-Free Money In The Lottery?

Well, unless I am mistaken, it seems that here in the USA, most of the states have their own lotteries, and if you can’t fathom the astronomical odds of the games with the enormous, seemingly unrealistic prizes, you can opt for the games where, for example, you select a three digit number between 000 and 999.

These games have odds of 1,000 to 1, when selecting a three digit number straight, meaning that it has to come in the exact way you’ve selected it. Now, to my knowledge, most states pay 500 to 1, which means for a one dollar wager, you would win $500.

Furthermore, according to the IRS, people in the USA can win up to $599 tax-free, and do not have to show identification or submit a social security number when claiming a prize. So, it seems to me that a person can win tax-free money in just such a daily lottery drawing!

Of course, you can bet more than one dollar on a certain number, hence winning more tax-free money, just be sure to make the bets on separate tickets! As an example, let’s say you like the number  9 – 1 – 4  and you want to play it in the daily lottery game. You could buy 10 tickets, each containing  9 – 1 – 4  straight for a dollar, and if it came in that way, each ticket would be worth $500, so your total tax-free winnings would be $5,000!

Actually, you could buy 20, 30, or even more tickets, with the same number, and win even more money. If a person spent 20 bucks, and had their number hit, and then they won $10,000, that would be a nice chunk of money… enough perhaps to pay off a car, start a business, or take an awesome vacation trip! Why throw your money away attempting to win 176 million dollars?

I cannot take credit for this idea, as I read it in one of my friend Stephanie’s lottery books that she obtained from Cassandra The Numbers Lady. Incidentally, Stephanie has been winning quite a bit lately, and I say “good for her!”


FREE Lunar Help Picking Lottery Numbers! Fascinating And Exciting!

Okay, so even though I am not into gambling, and I don’t even buy lottery tickets, you have heard me mention, of late, that my friend Stephanie has been winning some lottery prizes! As a fascinating and interesting post, I thought I would share with the gamblers and lottery enthusiasts out there, a few more tidbits about how to attract Good Luck and various ways to pick some lottery numbers!

Apparently some folks enjoy using advice from the Moon of our Mother Earth! I suppose that astronomy, numerology, astrology, and fate… all tie together and are interconnected, just as everything else in this life is intertwined. You can, if interested, click on this artwork, and see the source of these Moon Predictions or whatever the heck they are

Moon Lottery

I guess if Stephanie can have a dream (see a previous post for that story) then look it up in a book, find a good suggested number to play, then win some money, it stands to reason that you can find numbers that correspond to the current phase of the moon, and use them for your lottery picks. Of course, they always say that lucky charms, tip sheets, lottery books, fortune teller predictions, and all that jazz, are only for entertainment purposes, but most things in this life are entertainment anyway. So what’s the big deal? We’re all adults and we can do what we please.


Awesome Source For Advance Winning Lottery Numbers!

Apparently, you can get FREE lottery number picks and selections at this cool page, and it seems they are provided by Cassandra The Numbers Lady and she’s the same chick who wrote or compiled the book that helped my friend Stephanie win all that money thus far! One of these days I will have to write some erotic stories about that exhibitionist girl, because I am sure many of my readers will LOVE it!

Anyway, my blog is entertaining and amusing, but it’s not really a place for advertisements, but I occasionally mention cool things I’ve found online, such as Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (be sure to check it out) and the TV show Ancient Aliens (on H2 from the History Channel) and so forth.

You can click the artwork below to avail yourself of these FREE Lottery Picks, which of course, are for entertainment purposes! It seems like everything in life is for entertainment purposes.


Anyway, it’s always fun to find free stuff and amusing material online, and it’s always fun to peruse the many blogs on WordPress! They seem to be the leading platform of blogs and forums, and WordPress claims they are responsible for 23% of the Internet (if I am understanding correctly)… that’s pretty amazing!

Anyone out there have any good lottery stories or other gambling stories? We don’t just talk about panties and boobies around here, we talk about a diversified bunch of topics. Coming soon… more about Comedians In Cars and Ancient Aliens!


My Friend Had A Dream And Won $2,000 In The Florida Lottery Cash 3 Game!

This is extremely awesome! My friend Stephanie, who is not even any sort of dancer, had a dream that she was dancing in a cabaret show, and suddenly she realized she was completely naked. Then she nervously looked around and all of the other girls were in costumes, and the audience was older couples. The men were wearing tuxedos and the ladies were in ball gowns. She was so freaked out that she woke up.

She looked at her clock, and it was 10:15 this morning (January 21, 2015) and she had recently purchased a book that helps you convert your dreams into lottery numbers! Dream Your Way To Lottery Winnings! She looked up the word Cabaret and the number next to it was 6 – 8 – 3.

So, she rolled out of her bed in her nightshirt, slipped on her sandals, grabbed her keys and wallet, and wandered downstairs, outside, and next door to a coffee shop/convenience store where they are never shocked to see Stephanie in her nightshirt, since she’s somewhat of an exhibitionist. Besides, it looks like it could just as well be a bathing suit cover-up shirt, but if anyone looks close enough, they will be happy to see no bathing suit, no undies, no nothing!

Anyway, she buys a Florida Lottery Cash 3 ticket for 6-8-3 straight for a dollar, and the clerk asks “which drawing?” She did not know they have a drawing at noon and another at night. Of course, she opted for the noon drawing, and then she asks for four tickets, each for a buck! He also asked if she wanted to “box” it, and she figured… she dreamed of being in a cabaret, so she stuck with the straight tickets. In Florida, where she lives, apparently you can collect $599 or less in cash, and without showing any sort of IDs or giving any information.

Don’t you know it? That number  6 – 8 – 3  was drawn today, so she WON! She collected $500 in cash for each ticket, and there were four different tickets, for a grand total of $2,000. This is the coolest story I’ve heard in… well, in several days!

Dream Your Way

Lucky girl! It also reminded me of the movie Sleepless In Seattle when the Meg Ryan character and the Rosie O’Donnell character are talking, and one says something about having a dream about being naked in public, and the other responds “I love that dream!” Maybe some other time, I will tell some tales of The Adventures Of Stephanie The Exhibitionist!


Where to Get Free Lucky Winning Lottery Numbers In Advance?

I actually typed this into my Bing search box: Where to Get Free Lucky Winning Lottery Numbers In Advance? I then found a website ( and I was reading a page where Cassandra The Numbers Lady gives FREE daily Lottery Numbers Picks and Suggestions! That’s pretty cool, but what’s really amazing, is that I used one of those “picks” to win myself a thousand dollars!

That’s right, I played the number straight for a dollar twice, on two separate tickets. The number came in, and I cashed-in each ticket for $500 in cash, for a total of a cool thousand! I am not here to promote other’s websites, so I am trying not to include hyper-links, but YOU can always copy and paste a name or keyword into your favorite search engine, which is often Google, for most people.

There are many other interesting posts that I have here on WordPress, and I invite you to check them out! If you’ve never seen Ancient Aliens, I recommend the program, it’s fascinating! I also have mentioned a website ( where you can read over 47,000 books for FREE!


How Can You Win $5,000 Tax Free In The Lottery?

Well, I am not a mathematician, but it seems to me that the odds of winning these lottery games where you have to pick six numbers between 1 and 49, or from a pool of more numbers than that, makes it such that the odds of winning are hundreds of millions to one!

I read something from this very cool chick; Cassandra The Numbers Lady, and it made a lot of sense to me! She suggests that you play a daily lottery game where you choose a 3 digit number, which can be anywhere from 000 to 999, thus the odds of having your number come in are only 1,000 to 1, and most states pay 500 to 1. So, if you buy 10 tickets, at $1 each, and play the three digit number straight, and it “hits,” you will win $5,000. Also, most states will pay a lottery winner of $599 or less, in cash, and without making the winner supply their information. So, ten tickets, each worth 500 bucks, would be a tax-free total of $5,000 and the odds of winning are simply one in a thousand!

This Cassandra The Numbers Lady apparently self-publishes her own books about winning the lottery, and it seems she only sells them at which appears to be a pretty cool website for anyone with an interest in lotteries and playing other games of chance!

Good Luck!